Cheaper Alternative to Mars Hydro FC-6500?

I’m Looking for cheaper alternative to this Mars Hydro FC-6500, Today I’ve watched and read review of Mars Hydro FC-6500 fixture.

After watching review video and reading content they have provided, I think, I need this one. But before proceeding, I also want to confirm that if there is any best and cheaper alternative of this fixture available on the market, then I’ll consider buying any of them after comparing.

If anyone can help me with this, I’ll be very thank full to them.

Joan Maclaren

The MH are cheap, but they are not well processed.
Perhaps not cheaper but worth a look:

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just letting you know that the rules of the forum demand that post are written in german, since it’s a german site. You’ll maybe run into problems with the moderators.

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What an amazing opportunity to include English into the rules here and maybe create an English section of the board.

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Yeah! I think it would be nice if you could categorize english and german posts, so the only german speakers can select to see only the german posts and the other way around.

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oh Nice one, they talk English here lol.
sorry cannot help you with your problem, not in English nor in German.
have a nice day and happy growing :slight_smile:

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Greak Beast Pro is an amazing LED

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GeekBeast Pro von Geeklight.

Thanks for mentioning that.