Verdunkeln: Reift die Pflanze/Trichome weiter?

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wie der Titel schon sagt, würde mich mal interessieren, ob sich die Trichome weiterentwickeln wenn die letzten 48 Stunden angebrochen sind und die Gute kein Licht mehr bekommt?

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Hi @Bazan soweit ich weiss werden nur weiter Kohlenhydrate verbraucht, an den Trichomen wird sich nicht mehr viel tun, wenn die Pflanze einmal dunkel steht.

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Kein Licht = Keine Photosynthese = Keine weitere Entwicklung von Cannabinoiden und Terpenen laut Bugbee, auch untersucht

that’s one of those things i’m going to say we don’t have any evidence that that helps but now let’s back up to the theory
when we say trichomes everywhere terpenes are and maybe trichomes are formed at night
that’s not correct they’re they’re synthesized out of the energy from
photosynthesis the photosynthetic energy makes sugars especially sucrose
and that sucrose is used to make the terpenes makes the the trichomes as well
so if we put the plants in the dark we’re taking away their energy source
to synthesize terpenes so we haven’t specifically done these
studies here but my colleagues in other places have and as a general rule the terpenes are less
when they’re in the dark because they’re respiring away all the sugar they can’t make new terpenes because they’re out of energy so my recommendation to growers and this
is based on principles and what i think are best practices keep the lights on
now right right to the end and there is even some people that you could go to 24 hours of light
because if they don’t need to trigger any more reproductive development they just want to push the plant hard that’s the other extreme the opposite but cool temperatures can reduce the volatilization which is the evaporation of terpenes and if they’re in the dark and cold now the cold temperature might help it’s not the dark but it’s the cold temperature
so there could be some evidence for keeping the plants keeping the lights on but reducing the temperature that and if i had to go off of mechanistic studies that’s what i would recommend reduce the temperature but then you’re reducing the development of the plant and if it’s cold it doesn’t synthesize new terpenes as fast so it’s it’s not clear to me that the coldness would really help
it would help preserve terpenes but it would not help the plant synthesize new terpenes and the fact that we’re smelling the plant at all which you do that means the terpenes are coming off that’s what makes the smell in the first place
um but i think we ought to put more emphasis on continued synthesis of terpenes right to the last day of harvest and less evidence the less emphasis on doing something to preserve what’s already there

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Richtig! dbddhkpuku!

Ja cool! Das hilft mir bei meiner Entscheidung schon gut weiter :+1: